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The more I coach, the

more I trust in the power of coaching.


Career & Life Coaching

Is there something you would like to change in your life? Before I engaged a coach, I felt stuck in my career.  I knew there was something I needed to shift but wasn’t clear how to make it happen. I wasn’t even sure exactly what I wanted or where I was heading – I just knew that something needed to change.

The coaching experience was transformative for me. I gained clarity and renewed confidence that I had the resources to do what I needed to do. It helped me so much that I was inspired to train as a Coach myself so that I could have that positive impact on other people. 


The more I coach the more I believe in the power of coaching.  Time after time I see my clients gain clarity, grow in confidence and move on to take action in their lives.


Just a few of the issues that I support my clients with:


  • Identifying the career directions that are right for them and supporting them to take action

  • Setting up and growing small businesses and social enterprises.

  • Improving confidence and self-esteem.

After over five years of intensive Career Coaching experience I have developed my own effective way of working that can take you from feeling lost or stuck to having a plan and taking action for your career transition.  


Whether you have clear goals or just a sense that you need something new and different, coaching is a great way of moving your life forward in the direction that’s right for you.   Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future.

I offer coaching by Zoom or by phone. If you would like see what it all about, contact me to arrange for a free, confidential, no obligation sample session.


Before I started coaching with Carole I felt stuck. I was going round in circles feeling indecisive about my career choices, in particular, and about life, in general.  


The overall impact of my coaching with Carole has been a significant shift in my thinking about my career options, which was the main focus of our work together. I no longer feel stuck and I've started to actively pursue the things that I've really wanted to do for many years.  


I was not expecting the insights gained from exploring visualisations derived from the graphic images that I used to describe my thoughts and feelings. I was also surprised by the powerful impact of the 'bodywork' we did. This helped to increase my awareness of the physical consequences of my thinking and emotions and helped me to learn what I needed to do for my well-being.  


I would recommend this service to anyone who wants help to clarify and achieve their goals, or who wants to make significant changes in their lives but feels unable to make any progress, or who is struggling to take small steps in the right direction.


My coaching experience has certainly helped me to achieve all of the things I stated as targets prior to starting the sessions.  Throughout the coaching, Carole reminded me of my vision. She listened and challenged my tendency towards negativity and vagueness about my goals. Acknowledging my tendency to self-sabotage, Carole skilfully gave me tips and strategies to counter any lack of focus on my own priorities and avoid undermining progress towards my personal targets.



I started my coaching sessions with Carole at a period of unstable self-belief but Carole helped me to regain my confidence by assisting me to bring the inner strength to the fore and thus enabled me to make appropriate decisions around work.

The overall impact of my coaching sessions with Carole was the boost to my self-belief facilitating achievement of a high level of self-actualization.    
Carole is a very friendly, personable and exceptional coach. Her personable attribute makes her really easy to speak and relate to.

I found the sessions very useful and good value for money.

I would recommend Carole’s Coaching Service to anyone who requires a friendly and professional coaching service.


Before I started coaching with Carole I felt trapped, pressurised and overwhelmed.  I couldn’t see any options for changing this that looked practical. As a consequence of the coaching I feel more in control and more competent. I believe in myself and my abilities and what I can achieve more.  I’m proud of myself and the person I am more.

Well, I haven’t changed my life, yet.  However I have dismantled some of the self-imposed blocks to doing so.  Something which felt like a bit of a pipe dream feels more of a concrete possibility.   

I got in touch with my playful side.  As an unlooked for consequence it has given me impetuous to use more playful approaches with the kids for getting things done (like bedtime, breakfast, walking up hills) – which is delightful as all of that can get very grim and disciplinarian.

The experience was fun - I can’t really see who wouldn’t benefit from coaching with Carole.



I was incredibly fortunate in starting Coaching sessions with Carole Adams in 2013 when my successful fledgling catering business Proper Grub had just won its first corporate contract. My business planning was robust and I knew my practical and creative catering skills were sound ... it was just the inner core of me that needed to find a calmer path. I could bluff it through the day because I was busy but nights were full of all kinds of imagined failures.  To be honest something had to be done!

Carole taught me to understand why my mind played the spiteful games that threatened to sabotage future success. Coaching gave me what I needed, a constructive way to reflect on what I did and how I did it. It taught me about my decision making processes and gave me a greater understanding of how I could more easily face and manage dilemmas. Coaching also taught me how to get more enjoyment out of life.

I regularly use the exercises and thought processes learnt through being coached by Carole and recommend it to you.

Mary Jeremiah
Proper Grub


South London

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