I work with Individuals, Boards, Teams,

Whole organisations & Multi-Agency Partnerships


I know from personal experience just how challenging life in this sector can be. I worked for fifteen years as a CEO and before that, I was an operational manager and frontline worker.


Pressures such as delivering quality services and meeting targets with limited funding, strategic planning in a constantly changing environment and managing diverse stakeholders are just a few of the demands of the sector.


I offer Leadership Coaching for Senior and emerging Managers and Team Coaching and Facilitation.

Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching is an established practice in Corporate Companies and is recognised as a time effective way of developing Leadership and improving productivity.


I am passionate about bringing this resource to Senior Managers in Non-Profits.


I remember how lonely it can feel at the top and how difficult it can be to find appropriate training and the right kind of support.


When I experienced Coaching in my role I felt like I’d finally found what I needed.  A chance to take a step outside the day today, dig deep into my inner resources and approach my role as Leader in a fresh way. The funds spent on Coaching proved to be investment for the organisation. 



Team Coaching & Faciliation

Do you want Strategic Planning and Team Development Days that align your team, unlock their potential and get you moving together towards your goals? 


I can bring a unique combination of solid Non-Profit Sector experience and innovative system coaching skills to your Team Event.  Be it a one off event or longer-term programme.

I work with Boards, Senior Management Teams, Chairs & CEOs “Teams at the Top”, whole organisations & multi-agency partnerships.  


Things I can help with:


  • Strategic Planning Events that approach the process in a fresh way and bring out fresh perspectives.

  • Team building and development days that align your team behind your vision and allow them to thrive.

  • A strengthened relationship for the “Team at the Top” (Chairs and CEOs)

  • Managing and getting the best out of conflict situations.

  • Supporting the change process – consultation events, meetings and planning events

Please contact me using the email address below or by using the contact form and I will be happy to call you to talk through your requirements.